The secrecy, media manipulation, manipulation of the judiciary, Australia is becoming a Police State: Andrew Wilkie [Serious]

The independent member for Denison has expressed his concerns over Australia becoming a police state in the parliament today.

An excerpt:

Other [relevant] characteristic of the police is the fact that in law in this country now you can be arrested on suspicion in the absence of any hard evidence when it comes to terrorism.

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Watch the full speech here:


Member for Denison cited following 10 attributes which he believes, determine a pre police state:

  1. Surveillance of all electronic devices including phone calls SMS Email, SM and metadata will be stored & accessed without warrant from October.
  2. Media manipulation ABC and SBS cuts, bullying techniques used by ministers against media.
  3. Manipulation of judiciary,Royal Commissioner agrees to go to party political event.
  4. Ludicrous level of secrecy especially in regard to irregular immigration or asylum seekers and on water operations.
  5. Arrests on suspicion of thinking you may do something in the future.
  6. People in this country can be incarcerated indefinitely without trial
  7. Disregard to international agreements and international laws that Australian Governments including ignoring their own statutes have signed off The Rights of the Child and The Refugee Convention.
  8. Parliament are forbidden to debate upon important decisions such as the government secretly deciding to declare war on Syria. No debate, no vote by our representatives.
  9. Government safeguard mechanisms bullied and disregarded if they get in the governments way eg. the mistreatment on the human rights commissioner recently.
  10. Security agencies acting beyond their legal power Border Patrol going beyond legal powers. no-one lost their jobs, no-one was held to account.

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  1. BeAccountable Or BeGone says

    The MIC investor state patriotism to which Wilkie speaks to isn’t a secret in the real world. It’s felt that way since 911 stimulus event horizon.

    Of Gestapo privatization debt bubbles gone viral, gone global, hasn’t been missed by those with grandparents lived before ww2 nor those have observed economic history.

    The sort of trickle down effect that explodes upon impact didn’t deter my Nan through the London Blitz any in understanding where them drones came from. Before she died my Nan apologized to me for bringing our family to Australia saying, the patterns her generation had endured were repeating again but this time it’s happening here in Oz. That was 15 years ago.

    To not see what Andrew Wilkie speaks to is hard to comprehend for anyone is not a child.

    Next obvious question is then. What do the majority do with those are genetically too stupid to be in positions of great responsibility?

    Cheers, Rob

  2. terry shead says

    Why are you a vassel to the usa, the usa are leading us into war, just look at the mess in the middle east.


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